Stop! Collabor88 and Listen!


I hope that song gets stuck in your head all day like it has mine.  Thanks a lot MC Hammer! (As a friend pointed out to me, this song is the start of Ice Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice...not MC Hammer.  I did know that, but my brain was obviously not firing that day.  Thanks, MusicB!)

Anyway, as you may have guessed, today I have some things I purchased at Collabor88.  You are not going to know the place when you go...cos they have moved! Make sure you use the link above to race on over.

I took ages to actually go this time, and I will say it was pleasant not having to wade through the lag and loads of people.

It meant I could take my time and look at everything.  I think I might even go back as I picked up a couple of demos that I haven't tried on yet.

A friend did laugh at me as I stood by {u.f.o} trying to pick colours for about 15 mins, but I am glad with my choice as the dress perfectly matched some shoes I found in my inventory.  BONUS!

I also took ages choosing this lounger in the first pic as I couldn't work out why the loungers were called left and right and whether that should have any bearing on which one I bought.  This supplied a bit of discussion in a group I am in, and in the end I went with the 'right' one cos I am right-handed.  Not sure of the logic in this, but there you have it.

Cheeky Pea and Pilot:  Backyard Cinema Lounger R - PG.  I love the poses in this lounger with options for singles, friends, couples and kids.  Plenty of choices for everyone.

Furniture:  LISP Bazaar - Anna Sofa, Coffee Table and Chair.  This furniture rocks as having the colour change options means you can easily change the look of a room at the touch of a button.  Simple and fun.

Clothing:  {u.f.o} - Ribbonbon Cardigan - Grey, and You and Me Dress - Cream.  The dress has different collar options too with plain (like I am wearing) or cute birds.  I am loving this look.

Other Items:
Vacuum Cleaner:  FIN - Vintage Vacuum Cleaner with Sound and Animation
Hair:  Magika - Awkward
Shoes:  Chandelle - Barbie - Nude

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  1. any videos of the vacuuming girl ? very nice for animated. good imagenation.