Dollarbies and Buys!


Today I have two dollabies and two items that I bought.  They are all from the same store, so that makes it handy for ya.

My friend, Heavenly, gave me the LM and told me to go check out the !gO!, so I have her to thank or blame for making me spend money.  I am thankful though, cos it is a cool store.

Make sure you try the demos though cos I found that the sizes are a tad diff from normal and I was not the size I usually am for a couple of these.

Hair:  D!va @ Collabor88
Skin:  YS&YS @ TDR
Background:  Mottled Forest @ KaTink

Pic 1:
Jeans Dress - Dollarbie

Pic 2:
Bloom Dress

Pic 3:
Country Girl

Pic 4:
Tunic - Dollarbie (Tank underneath not included)

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