Fri Furniture


Friday means furniture.  Oh, it probably means relief because the weekend is ahead as well, but to me it is all about the furniture.  And I have some great stuff to show you today.

We have some autumn themes, a touch of Halloween, a bit of Collabo88-tion and something to spice up your living room for the cooler months.

First up a bit of creepiness from the team at Balaclava!  These twins are currently at The Mens Dept and you can buy them as singles or as a set.  I have these lurking about the entrance way to my land and hopefully they will scare people off!

Next up we have some autumn delights from [CIRCA].  These were event items, but I am a slack blogger and so I am hoping they are now at their mainstore.  My humble apologies. In the pics you will see the Chinese Lantern Minitree, the Time for Harvest Fall Wheelbarrow and the Vintage Harvest Banquet Table.

These next pics are of a set called the Pumpkin Cider Deck from a store called Inspired.  This is the first time I have blogged items from this designer, but I am hoping their will be many more cos it is so gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous, check out this classy living room set from L'aize Dayz.  It is time to transform your SL living room ready for winter, so now is the time to do it with this fab set.  The textures are so lovely and a perfect set to have you snuggled down in a comfy chair by the fire.

And last up are these funky sofas from LISP Bazaar.  They are currently at Collabor88 and I am loving the snazzy textures with names like Click Click Snapshot and Oh Mr Waters.  The lag at Collabor88 will have hopefully abated by now, so it is the perfect time for whipping in for a shop.

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