MadPea - Enchanted Frost Hunt


One of my all-time favourite hunts in SL are the ones brought to us by MadPea.  The latest one is called the Enchanted Frost Hunt and it is a doozy.  All you need to do is go HERE and pay 10L for a hud and you are good to go.

This is not an easy peasy hunt, but it is fun. I like working out the clues and it is a good way to meet some new people.

Anyway, here are some of the items from this hunt.

Arch:  Trident - Frozen Mistletoe Arch

Globe:  Les Sucreries de Fairy - Enchanted Frost Hunt Gift 1 and 2
Harp:  Roawenwood - Enid's White Crystalline Harp Set

House:  Machinima Open Studio Project - Victorian Cottage

Antlers:  Boudoir - Faun Antlers
Bike:  The Looking Glass - Flying Penny-Farthing Bicycle

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