Manic Monday


I normally don't like Monday for the obvious reasons.  I am sooo with Garfield on that front.  But, in SL good things happen on a Monday and also at the beginning of a new month.  It kinda gives me hope for Mondays...well, at least just a little bit.  Monday and I will never be friends, but at least in SL we are polite.

First up I have this cool outfit and sneakers from Bitch Tail.  It is called Roflcopter and I am loving the relaxed style.  Top is mesh, but pants and shoes are not.  Shows more butt cleavage than I usually show, but I know some of you out there like that look!  You will find this outfit at Acid Lily.

The skirt and top are from [FIEND] and are called Delilah. The skirt comes in different tie-dye looking colours and looks great.  This is also an Acid Lily item.

Lastly from Acid Lily we have this cool top and jeans from {MoYaz}.  The jeans are called Mia Mesh Skinny Jeans - Destroyed Blue, and the top is called Pia Mesh Top - Pastel Collection Taupe, the Sunny Days Wellies are from [dirty.little.secret] and perfect for some puddle jumping.

This lovely dress is from 22769 and is the hunt gift in the WomenStuff Hunt.  It is called Kate and is mesh and fun!

And lastly I am loving all the new releases at [SAKIDE].  The Red Poncho, Slim Corduroy Jeans and Leather Army Boots are perfect for these colder months in SL.  The poncho is also a VIP Gift!

Sorry, but the poses are oldies from Olive Juice.  I love them! Hair is from CaTwA.

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