Furniture Friday - The Trilogy Part 1


I went and saw The Hobbit last night.  LOVED IT!  I might be biased though since it was made in Aryaland.  Anyway, that aside, when I came on today and saw how much I had in my Furniture Friday Folder (some great alliteration there) I decided that I would follow in the footsteps of Peter Jackson and turn one post into 3.  This is because I have SOOOO much to show you.

So, don't just read the one post, keep coming back and check them all out.  It is gonna be a doozy.

Oh and by the way, yes I know it is Saturday, but I am sure it is still Friday somewhere, so I am going with that...

1.  Lustre Designs - Wintery Scene (New Release)

2.  L'aize Dayz - Winter Window Seat (45L SPECIAL!)

3.  {what next} - Christmas Chocolate Drinks Tray (Together For Sway Event)

4.  Barnesworth Anubis - Decorative Steamer Trunk with Stickers (Subscriber Gift)

5.  [CIRCA] - Vintage Craft Trees - Stand and Table Top (Advent Calendar Items)

6.  LISP Bazaar - Anna Floor Lamps in Cream and Orange, Wood Baskets in Light and Dark, and Prints Set (Spruce Up Your Space Items)

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