Life of Riley


Sadly, in SL the life of Riley means doing the odd spot of modelling for me.  Luckily he is a sweetie and puts up with me bossing him round for half an hour...or so.  He is also lucky cos the items he gets to show from FROST and awesome and ever so manly!

Now when you go to FROST make sure you deprim and descript or you will get sent back home!  They are being tough so it is a pleasant experience for all.

Shape and Skin:  VyC - Gabriel
Hair:  MADesigns - Lewis - Dark Brown
Eyes:  MADesigns - Neon - Glowing Blue
Jacket:  Razorblade Jacket - Goosedown Vest - Grey
Tattoo:  Endless Pain Tattoos - Asian Dragon
Piercings:  [S H O C K] - Pierce My Face

Shirt:  :::Insanya::: - Loose Short - Grays
Tattoo:  Wunderland - Snowflake Tattoo

Sweater:  [SAKIDE] - Angled Turtleneck - White

Vest: [American Bazaar] - Mesh Winter Vest - Red
Sweater:  [American Bazaar] - Mesh Turtleneck - Black

Jacket:  [sYs] - Hoth Coat - White
Hair:  MADesigns - Lewis - Light Blondes

Coat:  Leri Miles Designs - Russ Men's Mesh Coat - Sanguine
Sweater:  [SAKIDE] - Merry Xmas Sweater - Red

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