Furniture Friday


I know I am a bit early with this, but it is Friday where I live, so I am justifying it.  I am away from the computer for a day or three so I wanted to get this out now.

It is actually an exciting post cos it is about a hunt.  It is called The Courtyard Hunt and is to celebrate the new Courtyard Home and Garden area and to introduce you to the stores there.  You will either find the items in the Courtyard Stores or the Mainstores of the stores who have satellite stores at The Courtyard.  Hope that makes sense.

The hunt is not long, only 20 stores, but the quality is GREAT!  Here is the WEBSITE with all the clues etc.

Below are some of the items you will find in the hunt.  Make sure you get to this one quick smart.

Pic 1
Dresser, Mirror and Vase:  Chic Buildings
Jewllery Box:  Persnickity
Chair and Ottoman:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Pic 2
Table, Rug and Cushions:  Prime
Mugs:  Storaxtree

Pic 3
Nightstand and Items:  Spargel and Shine Homes

Pic 4
Table and Seats:  Pure Nature
Food Items:  Creations Kitchen

Pic 5
Futon and Pallets:  Before Sleep

Pic 6
Lamp:  Lumiere
Chairs and Table:  [Park Place]

Pic 7
Bench and Accessories:  L'aize Dayz
Pic 8:
Birdbath:  [CIRCA]

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