Furniture on Saturday?


Yes, I know, I know.  It is supposed to be Furniture Friday but stuff happened and so it is Saturday.  Is it just me or is SL seriously borked at the mo?  I have, at the moment, skin instead of scenery at my skybox up above my house.  Yes, when I look out it is all pink and you can see...ummm...body features.  I have tried emptying cache and relogging.  I deleted a skin I thought might be the offender, but it is still there.  If any SL geniuses are out there and know the solution, let me know.

Anyway, that aside (although it is quite disconcerting) I do have some GREAT items for you today.  I have some from hunts, some 40L items, a new release and a Lazy Sunday item.  Yay!

Hair - Magika - Habit
Top:  dirty.little.secret - Ladies Peacock Top
Jeans:  dirty.little.secret - Retro Bell Bottoms

L'aize Dayz (New Release) and {what next} (Lazy Sunday)

Cleo Design (Lazy Sunday)

{what next} (Fifty Linden Friday - still out)

Post (Cold Winter Nights Hunt - Starts on 15th Jan 10L per item)

Home and Garden Market - Fab4

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  1. Hello Arya, great post! I will have to go shopping Oh about the skin in the sky, i have this problem too If you find the culprit, let me know.

  2. Glad it is not just me with the skin in the sky issue. I have put a bug thingy in with LL so let's see what happens.

    Thanks heaps for the lovely comment!