Hello, 2013


2013. Not as catchy as 20-12, but not bad as dates go.  I am not superstitious, so 13 doesn't bother me. In fact it was my old basketball number in high school.

I have big expectations for 2013, both personally and globally, so I hope 2013 is up to the task.   I also am excited to see what the year brings in SL.  Last year will go down as the 'Year of Mesh'.  It was exciting.  I can't say I got into the whole 'Lolas' thing.  Don't quite get the fascination and I get annoyed by having to delete the applier thingies all the time.  Personal thing.

I am, however,  looking forward to seeing what advances are discovered this year, but in the meantime I have some Acid Lily items to kick the year off.

Dress and Boots {MV} - Pretty Lies Dust Dress and Cruxshadow Brown Boots (Sold Separately)

Dress:  Bitch Tail - My Point

Jacket: Spearsong - Black Leather Euro Jacket (In other colours too)
Jeans:  [FIEND] - Spot the Difference

Top and Skirt:  [Beyond the Stars] - Mesh Mini - White and Ruffle Tank Hearts (Sold Separately)

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Mesh Leopard Dress Red

Dress:  Leri Miles Designs - Shannon Dress - Sapphire (Lots of other colours too)

Top and Leggings:  MoYaz - Pis Mesh tank Top - Chocolate and Sonia Mesh Leggings - Cashmere Collection - Chocolate (Sold Separately)

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