Happy Bloody Valentine!


Oh, now come on...you didn't think I would do doves and hearts and flowers did you?  Seriously?  Surely if you have been reading this blog for a while (and I hope you have), then you will know that I will take any chance to add blood to a season, including Valentine's Day.  It is not cos I don't like it (cos I do), it is just that The Tainted Love Hunt was on and well... it is just so gosh darn fun!

The website with SLURLS and Hints is HERE.

Tainted Love Hunt:
Dress:  Nomine - Tainted Pinstripe Mesh Hunt Gown
Skin and Makeup:  Frick - Cruel Skin - Sugar and Cruel Makeup - Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips
Eyes and More Blood:  Aeva//Heartsick - Despair Tattoo Layer and Pure Black Out Eyes
Handbag:  Squeek! - Tainted Love Handbag
Tattoo:  Hysteria - Psycho Love

Other Items:
Hair:  LeLutka - Rykiel Hair - Soysauce
Pose Pic 1:  Magnifique Poses - Trained Killer
Pose Pic 2/3:  Glitterati Poses - Hallway (writing on wall added in edit)

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