I am currently pretending that the weekend hasn't ended and that a new week begins.  This is why I am showing you some great house items, so we can all pretend together and just redecorate with weekend abandon!

Today's items are fabu!

I know Valentine's Day was SO last week, but that doesn't mean you can't still grab this great group gift called C-Day Dining Set from PrimTique (formerly known at Lustre Designs).  Love is a year round thing and what nicer way to celebrate with your loved one than with a romantic dinner or glass or wine for two!

The next item is a hunt one from [CIRCA].  I know some of you are in cold parts and so are probably dealing with flus and colds.  This 'Days of Ill" Day Bed will have others rushing around to fix you cups of soup and hot tea.  It is currently in The Cold Hunt.

Heavenly threw these at me the other day, which really hurt, cos they are heavy!  They are new releases and are the Dresser and Highboy in Beachy Blue, and the Clock Mesh Footstool.  Always great prices at L'aize Dayz, so make sure you go check them out and ogle the new store at the same time.

And don't forget to race over to {what next} to grab the Lazy Sunday Cornwall Daisy Planters.  These are going straight to my front door steps!  While you are there join the {what next} group (costs, but well worth it) and grab this "Who We Love" Photoboard.  Just throw your fav photos in and voila!

Lastly, I found these cool letters at the Mens Dept from Cheeky Pea.  You can buy them separately or in a big pack.  They are 1 prim each, but I linked them together and that made the four letters only 2 land impact!  (Thanks for that tip, Chic Aeon).  I also want to thank Isla and her great store manager Valena for helping me with an issue!

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