Rummaging in My Attic


After seeing all the totes awesome stuff yesterday at MyAttic@TheDeck I just like had to so go over there and like go totes cray-cray on all the A-MAR-ZING items they have in their Pop Music theme.

I was all like "Dang!" at the hair and ended up laying down some scrilla for 3, plus a skin, some poses and an outfit!  Swag!  SMH.

The tres cool Whimsy Winx threw this pose prop at me I was all like "SICK! My mains will love this!"  I decided to moss and have some fun, cos YOLO.  I was all like hundo p excited with the poses and colour change options.

So, don't be a derp, get on over there!  Bless up!

* See Glossary below for meanings of words

Pose Prop - W.Winx & Flair - MPop (Also Pic 3)
Outfit:  Stellar - Gwen Set
Hair:  EMO-tions - Strangelove Hair
Skin:  Tuli - Zoe (Close up in Pic 3)

Pose:  Ploom Poses - Air Guitar Pose
Hair:  MINA Hair - Spice
Boots:  Death Row Designs - Lazy Boot Closed (Not at MyAttic)

Hair:  Exile - Loveshack
Face Piercing:  Phoebe - Unisex Face Piercing Q3 - Black (Acid Lily)

Totes - Totally
Cray-cray - Crazy
Dang - Damn
Scrilla - Money
Swag - Cool stuff
SMH - Shake my head
Tres cool - Very cool
Sick - Awesome, cool
My mains - Close friends
Moss - Chill, relax
YOLO - You only live once
Hundo p - Hundred percent
Derp - Dumbass
Bless up - Goodbye

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  1. Amazing blog.. you are one fun lady!

  2. Awww, thank you for the kind comment!