Say, "Cheese!"


Felt like a photo moment cos my lovely neighbours have been redecorating the sim again and part of it is this cool cityscape.  I told them I always imagine they are just creating photo places for me and then just smile and nod.  I am pretty sure they think of me as 'the annoying neighbour' but are far too nice to admit it.    Dedicating this post to GT and Kav who I love to pieces.

So, I got out my pose cameras from {what next}, threw on some new items from the new Acid Lily round and this hair from Magika and I was good to go.

PS. Don't forget all items from Acid Lily are 70L or less!

Skirt and Top:  Bitch Tail - Better Off

Outfit:  {MV} - Berlin - Void

Dress:  Pure Poison - Scarlet Glamorous Fantasy
Shoes:  even.flow - Oz Pumps "Dorothy"

Dress:  MoYaz - Lily Chemise - Black
Shoes:  even.flow - Oz Pumps "Tin Man"

Jumpsuit:  Leri Miles Designs - Sanja Mesh Jumpsuit - Limeade

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