Springtime in SL


I know some of you are not experiencing spring yet because winter still has you in its grip or, like me, it is autumn, but in SL it is spring and it is lovely.

Sometimes an item of clothing grabs my attention and today this gorgeous dress from Leri Miles Designs did just that.  It made me feel very spring-like and feminine.  I love it.  The colours are so pretty and the style so lovely.  You will be able to get this dress at the The Event Hollywood which starts on the 29th.  I am not giving you the LM yet, cos I know you people too well.  Sneaky shopping addicts!  Hehe.

I paired the dress up with this cute hair from Truth Hair called Marisol.  It is a recent release and the clip is colour changeable too.  Perfect for matching to outfits.

The shoes are from Pixel Mode. They are the Fae Wedge in Denim and were in my inventory for an occasion and dress such as this.

The skin is from Tuli and is called Elyse.  I am wearing the Pearl tone.  I know I have blogged this loads lately, but it is so lovely so why not?

Lastly, the poses are from Olive Juice which is sadly closed.  I miss it.

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