Stormy Weather


Not sure about the commonsense of scootering in a storm, but my neighbour has been redecorating again and has this fab weather machine, so it was just too good a pic opportunity to miss when the lightning seemed to hit at just the right time.

I got this wonderful scooter from Focus Poses to blog and then found this outfit in bloggy items too, so today's pics were born.

The vest and shirt are newbie from Razorblade Jacket and are called the Trekka Vest w/ Shirt.  You even get a hud with so you can fiddle with the colours and textures.  Easy peasy.

The capri pants are part of an outfit from [Beyond the Stars] at Acid Lily this week.  The top that goes with is cool too!

Skin is new from Tuli and is called Elyse.  I am wearing the Petal tone in Sultry.  This will be at the Skin Fair.  Can't wait for that!! (March 15th-31st)

Hair is Noriko from Wasabi Pills.  I love this one with the colour change clip so that I can match it to any outfit.

The Unisex Spiked Sneakers in Ruby Red are from even.flow and are an old Acid Lily item.  I have been itching for an opportunity to wear them and today was the day!

And for accessories I grabbed this bag from Gawk! and these headphones from {PopTart} out of my inventory.  The bag was an old hunt item and is the Flower Black Leather Backpack.  The headphones are Mesh Butterfly Headphones in White and were a recent release.

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