Here Comes the Bride


I had so many problems with these pics and it was not because of the items I had to blog.  They are awesome.  I just had camming issues so took a few days to get some pics I was even a little bit happy with.

The dress is gorgeous.  It is from Leri Miles Designs.  It is called the Elise Sweetheart Gown and I chose to show you the Bridal one.  It comes in loads of colours though and all are just as pretty.  I don't want to take it off, but I also don't want people wondering why I am wandering around in a wedding dress.  You can find all of the dresses at The Event Hollywood.

The stunning jewellery is from Finesmith Designs.  The bracelet, brooch and tiara are from a set called 'Saint' and are absolutely divine.  I wish I could get away with wearing items like these in RL.

The skin is one I have blogged before from Amacci, as well as the shape.  Both perfectly suited the look I was going for!  The skin is called Rayna and the shape is Ria.

The rest of the items were from my inventory.  The hair is from also from Amacci and is called Rina. The poses are from Glitterati and Olive Juice (closed store).

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