In the Changing Rooms


There is a place I love and yet hate all at the same time.  I love it because it means new clothes and the rustle of shopping bags, but I dislike it because it also contains mirrors and a small space that compels you to look at yourself and all your lumps, bumps and faults.  I am talking, of course, about the dreaded changing rooms where we squeeze ourselves into clothes that looked fabulous on the hangar, but suddenly morph into a too-tight, too-long/too-short, pieces of cloth that turn us from self-confident into self-loathing.  Or maybe it is just me...

However, the wonderful thing about SL is that we no longer have to fear the dressing room.  Oh, no!  We can stand proud and enjoy these two funky and fantastic dressing rooms from W.Winx at MyAttic@TheDeck.  Yusss!

They are aptly named Change/Funk and Change/Chic.  Both are colour-change and the poses are perfect for showing off clothes or just having some fun!

Changing Room - Funk

Leri Miles Design - Claudia - Lime Bandana (60L Weekend)

[SAKIDE] - Blush Dress Black/White and Hebi Pumps Black (Fantasy Faire 2013)

.:Pure:. - Veronica Dress - Black Vine (New Release)

Changing Room - Chic

Leri Miles Designs - Grace Dress - Orange (Kawaii Fair)

.:Pure:. - Christine Sashed Gown Floral with Coral Sash (New Release)

Leri Miles Designs - Shirley Dress - Latte (Kawaii Fair)

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  1. lovely post, and I am so glad you liked them ♥