My Fantasy


I am excited about the Fantasy Faire 2013.  I am excited because I get to play dress-ups!  My first fantasy is to live underwater.  I was definitely a fan of Stingray and Aqua Marina.  If you are old, like me, you will know what that is.  If not, then Google.

The stunning outfit I am wearing is made up from items from 22769. The gown is the Queens Dress which goes perfectly with The Bone Crown and Elven Ears.

The hair is also from the Fantasy Faire and is from Wasabi Pills.  The style is called Selene and I was rapt to get in and grab it.

Make sure you go and take a looksee at the different sims at Fantasy Faire because they are amazing!

Non-Faire Items:

The jewellery is from FINESMITH.  It is called April.  I am wearing the necklace, collar and earrings. It is the April Group Gift and it is stunning!

The skin and lipstick are both from Tuli.  The skin is Eva - Powder, and the lipstick is Deviant Maverick.

The Dreamscene I am in is from Garden of Dreams and is called Water Disco.  Gorgeous.

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