I have a bit of a reputation amongst my SL friends of being a bit crazy when it comes to piloting boats.  Just ask my friend, Kav, about the infamous Gondola incident...

So, it would come as no surprise to many of them, and especially Kav, that I am doing these pictures on an upturned boat.  I would like to point out, however, that in this case the boat is supposed to be this way as it is a new pose prop from from L'aize Dayz.  It works in the water or on the beach and is fun for bloggers and picture takers alike.

The swimsuit is from {PopTart} and is the Frilly Swimsuit and Glasses.  It is currently the gift in the Hide and Seek Hunt, so get ya hunting gears on and check it out.

The hair is from Wasabi Pills and is called Selene.

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