Coffee Required


It was definitely a day for coffee.  Been a long one.  So, this gave me the inspiration for coffee and fashion today.  A great combo.

Today is all about some new items from some fav designers of mine.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

It is also a chance for me to have a wee rant.  If you just want to skip ahead and enjoy the fashion, then do so now, but if you like a bit of a read, then carry on!


I was out and about shopping yesterday when I came to a store where some others were gathered.  While I waited for things to rez, I happened to glance at the local chat and was appalled to see someone complaining about the item that was put out on sale.

I tped out of there after viewing the item and, while I didn't purchase the item as it wasn't for me, the attitude of the 'customer' bothered me.

Firstly, this designer takes time to make these items.  I have watched designers doing their thing and I know the time and effort that goes into making the things that we buy.

Secondly, the stores do not HAVE to offer us reduced items.  They do it because they want to and it brings people to their stores.

Thirdly, when people like Miss Whiney complain like that it affects the rest of us who appreciate the effort sale items.  Sure, the item wasn't my thing either, but I am sure it was for many.  I am just hoping that particular designer doesn't hear about the shocking attitude of ONE and pull out of this particular event, because that would suck.

When I go looking at items I have a choice to buy it if I like it, or not.  Sometimes items grab me and I grab them.  Sometimes the items don't interest me, and that is ok. No one forces me to buy anything.  However, I do NOT stand around and moan and complain to all in my hearing.  That is just rude.  My grandmother used to say, "If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing."  Wise advice.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


I would like to use this space to say thank you to all the designers who put out items for 50L Friday, 60L Weekend etc etc week after week.  I, for one, appreciate your effort and that I can buy items at a VERY reduced price.  Keep up the fabulous work!

Hair is from Truth, skin is from Tuli and poses are from Glitterati and Focus Poses.

Outfit:  Pure - Melissa Romper Green Floral (New Item)

Dress:  Pure - Alicia Zipper Dress - Teal Floral  (New Item)

Top:  KosmO - Ladies Open Neck - Pink Flavour  (New Item)
Skirt:  Leri Miles Designs - Piper Shorts - Cotton Candy (Garage Fair)

Dress:  Senzafine - Chloe Babydoll Dress - Antique (New Item)

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  1. I love your rants. Long may you rant. And you are always right. Truth is some people on SL not only seem to think they have entitlement but they are often just plain rude.

    Oh and the whiney.... if I hear another nasal whiney Miss... I swear I might get out my hud and orbit her.