More Expo Excitement


I am glad Mister blogged some clothing and fashion items because then it doesn't make me feel guilty for blogging more Home and Garden Expo items.  Yay, Mister!

I have some doozie items for you today.  Call it a home and contents extravaganza!

I love blogging houses and this one from [bauwerk] is no exception.  I rezzed it and automatically loved the design, from the grey and brown tones to the Japanese-styled garden and even the irregular hexagon shape in the door!  This house is different and I love it.

House:  [bauwerk] - The Voronoi House

Plants:  Persnickity - Hanging Petunias on Post, Pots of Ivy

Of course, with this modern-styled home I needed to find some furniture that went with.  I was lucky to find some great pieces that blended in nicely.

Table and Seating:  [bauwerk] - RFL Dinnerset - Bleached Wood
Items on Table:  [bauwerk] - Wooden Bowl, Vase with Branches (Items sold separately)

Cabinet:  [bauwerk] - Wooden Cabinet - Bleached
Items on Top:  [bauwerk] - Decorative Art Books 1 and 2 (stack and standing), Decorative Jar, Wood Duck 1 (items sold separately)
Shelf:  [Park Place] - Fire Escape Shelf with Accessories

Second Spaces - Shabby Coffee Table, Bennie Small Chest - White Pack (both in pack), Messy Bookshelf
Vase:  %Percent - Pitcher of Tulips - Peach

Second Spaces - Honeycomb Wall Art, Bennie Small Chest - Light Green Pack
Shelves:  Chiana Oh - DIY Shelves
Beanbags:  L'aize Dayz - Retro Bean Bags

Bench:  Katy's Kreations - Bianca Kitchen Island
Stools, Table and Rack:  Second Spaces - Bullseye Stools - White, Industrial Bakers Rack, Caster Table - Havana

Chair and Lamp:  Kuro -  Leather Armchair and Bell Lamp - Black and White (RFL Items)
Picture:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Butterfly Lake

Chairs and Table:  [bauwerk] - Deckchairs and Side Table - Red Wood

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