Sunshine and Happiness

There is nothing like sunshine to make you feel happy and relaxed.  There is also nothing like a beachhouse and awesome furniture to help you with the relaxing process.

Yes, it is all from the Home and Garden Expo, and yes it is amazing.  If you have a beachside property then you are going to have to get on over to the Expo and grab! While you are over there make sure you have a good wander through all the sims.

PS.  All my clothing today is from Acid Lily - Lavanda Chic, Leri Miles Designs, CandyMetal.  Hair is from Ploom.

Hanging Seat:  L'aize Dayz - Hanging Palette Sofa 
Plants:  Organica - Mesh Tulips (Potted)

Raft:  PRIME - Hope Float
Plants:  Organica - Amazon Lily

Patio Set:  La Galleria - Hostess Patio Set for 4 - White Wicker

Furniture Set:  Atelier Visconti - Epoque Set
Furniture Set:  La Galleria - White Wicker and Floral Seating
Furniture:  Chiana Oh - Coastal Futon Set, Lonesome Pine (Ladder Shelves)
Bedroom Set:  Cleo Design - Breakfast n Bed
House and Pool:  PrimTique - Modern Beach House and Outdoor Wading Pool


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