Beached As, Bro


I am beached as.  Well, I am hanging about on the beach today.  The best thing about SL beaches is that you don't get sand in strange places.  BONUS!

I am hoping that no one throws water on me and tries to push me out to my pod.  I would like to say that this had never happened to me in RL, but thanks to some 'friends' who thought my pregnant form mock-worthy it actually has.  Such fun...

However, I had this whole beach to myself so I was quite safe from such hilarity.   This beach scene is a skysphere from A.D.D. Andel.  Nice place to hang with friends and soak up some sun.

The bikinis I am showing off today are all from the Endless Summer Hunt that started today.  I am loving these as my swimwear was in dire need of an update and revamp.  I hope you enjoy them too.

I must give a BIG mention to my skin and shape (since you can see lots of it today).  It is the new skin and shape called Sara V2 from Tuli.  I am also going to show you their fun new teeth range.  If you purchase any of these make sure you read the instructions.  I found it a lot easier when I finally did.  I am hopeless.

The hair I am wearing today is from Ploom.  It is currently available at the new round of My Attic @ The Deck.  The beach towels are also found here and are from W.Winx & Flair.

Because I am feeling lazy after my beach lounging I am giving you the link to the website and you can find the URLs and hunt hints there.  It is right HERE.

Bikini:  [trs] - Hawaiian Paradise Bikini
Pose:  Juxtapose - Endless Summer Days (With flip-flops/thongs/jandal prop - in all pics)
Jewellery:  CoLLisions - Aslaug Jewelry Set

Teeth:  Tuli - Parted Lips - Gap 1 (not in hunt)
Eyes:  Poetic Colors - Rain Tree (not in hunt - past freebie gift)

Bikini:  [SAKIDE] - Beach Forever Outfits (also has bikini bottom option)

Bikini:  GLO*MART - ESH Bikini

Bikini:  Kennedy's - Endless Summer Bikini
Belly Piercing and Tattoo:  HollyWeird - Belly Tattoo and Dermal Piercing

Bikini:  Seddy's Creations - Skulls Bikini
Necklace:  Cute Poison - Gamer Necklace - Black

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