The Challenge - Garden - Part 1


I am so excited about this month's theme for The Challenge.  It is GARDEN and you are going to run about madly when you see the awesomeness that the designers involved have come up with.  I am sure they just go from strength to strength!

I have decided that to do each item justice, I really need to show just a few at a time, so this will be part 1 of who knows how many.  I just don't want to rush them.  But, please know that I took all these photos on the same day, hence the same dress, hair and shoes. The dress and shoes are from Miel and the hair is from Magika.

The Challenge starts on the 1st of July, so get your wallets ready!

First up I have these amazing benches from JoHaDeZ.  They are filled with fabulous poses and each bench has different poses, so when you and a friend and sitting, chilling you won't be sitting exactly the same, which can be a tad awkward!  They are also made with SL's new 'materials' on the soil, rocks and lamps, but you will need a mesh viewer with shaders activated to see this*.  I am loving how real these items look.

This great garden shed is from !! Follow Us !! - I am loving the fact that you can enjoy a bit of lunch before heading back to work in the shed or the garden.  This shed and table/chair set looks great in the garden and the details are just perfect from the gourmet desserts on the table, to the items hiding in the shed.

And lastly, for today, is this gorgeous Arcadia Pergola from {MV}.  I love the use of the vines to give this pergola a very natural look.  Perfect for a more 'wild' garden area.  Imagine some chairs in here where you can enjoy the shade and the lovely fountain.

*  Materials Enabled - (From Trompe Loeil website)
"Materials - the addition of normal and specularity maps, for bumpiness/depth and shine control - are commonly used in other 3D game engines, and are now available for creators to utilize in Second Life.  These special textures make otherwise flat surfaces react with lighting sources, so a stone wall now appears to have real depth and texture, especially when a light is moved across it.  New specularity maps mean that transparent textures, like windows, can also have reactive shine as well."

At the moment only the official SL viewer lets you see the effects of materials.  I am sure the others will catch up as soon as they can!  Also, you need to turn on the Advanced Lighting Model ticked in Preferences - Graphics tab.  Check out this video for examples of how materials works HERE.

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