At Arya's


Logged on today to find a man in my house.  This is not a normal occurrence.  I was just glad it was Riley lurking about testing out some furniture and checking out my new house from Trompe Loeil.  I will blog more on the house later because today is about the furniture.

All of these items are at the Home Show and are soooo good!  I am only showing you a sample of what these stores have on offer, so make sure you go and check them out for yourselves.

Oh, and you will notice that Riley was absent from the 'bedroom' pic.  He said the sewing machine scared the beejeebus out of him!  Men.

22769 [bauwerk] - Ball chair, Classic Leather Pouf, Fabric Lamp, Fluffy Rug, Helicopters in the Trees Wallart, Leather Bench, and Locker

L'aize Dayz - Sunday Sofa Set - Hessian, and Sunday Chairs - Hessian

Kuro - Knit Bedside Table, Rustic Bed, Vintage Sewing Machine, Mannequin, Stuff Crate, Old Rug, and Together Armchair 

Senzafine - Fading of the Elves Consol Table - Mirkwood

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