Beer with Riley

I did warn you that Riley would be back today.  He decided to some over for a drink or two.  I thought that was fair enough since I make him stand still for ages when I do the photos.

He is modelling some more clothes from the Boys of Summer event.  The poses are from PosESioN and are also at the BOS event.  This set is called My Cup.  The glass of beer is not part of the set.

The shape Riley is using today is from SuPerBia and is called The Ron.  You will also find this at BOS. His hair is from and is NOT at BOS.  It is at The Mens Dept.

Lastly, the glasses are from Retro' and are 90's Black Sunglasses. YES, they are at BOS!

Sakide - Vintage Summer Tee (Palmtree) and Linen Summer Shorts

W&R - Reaper Hoodie and King of the Hell Jeans

Jacket:  XIAJ - Hell's Military Jacket and Sweater
Jeans:  Razor /// - Skillz Baggy Jeans With Clip Belt
Sneakers:  Latreia - Nate Sneakers

American Bazaar - Male Tank Army and Sporty Bermuda Grey Shorts

Cuffs:  Pure Poison - Leather Cuffs
Boardies:  Tori's Stylez - Skater Boardies
Tattoo:  [ZENTRO] -  Friendship and Family


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