The Boy is Back


Yep, he bossed me around and told me there were more items from the Boys of Summer event that HAD to be blogged.  I suggested he blog them himself to which he snickered and said, "But you are sooo good at it!"  I know that was empty flattery, lazy toad, but I relented and here we are.  He is right though.  These items are too great not to show.

I did throw in some other items that I thought HAD to be shown too, and he didn't complain so we are all good.

Hat:  Urban Wealth - Trucker Hat
Necklace:  ***Just You Jewels*** - Necklace Jungle
Tee:  Urban Wealth - Ocean Tie-Dye V-Neck
Jeans:  Urban Wealth - ThinnFinn Slim Jeans - Blue
Sneakers:  Latreia - Mathias - Blue
Pose:  Unorthodox Animations - Drizzy 3

Tank:  Urban Wealth - Crooks/Greco - Dark Red and Black
Jeans:  JLB Apparel - Aftermath Jeans
Boots:  Latreia - Jerren - Black
Pose:  Unorthodox Animations - Mr. Pathetic 2
Bed:  JoHaDeZ - Low Bed "Mali" (Home Show)
Easel:  DownDownDown - Easel Woody A (The Gallery Gift Shop)
Art:  Alyx Aerallo - Nue (TGGS)
Table, Accessories and Lamp:  JoHaDeZ - Lamp Stand "One" (Home Show)

Shirt:  A:S:S: - Showoff Crop Shirt - Blue
Shorts:  D R O P - Summer Shorts - Beige
Hat:  Urban Wealth - Trucker Hat
Pose:  Apple Spice - Cocky Male Pose - 1 (Hmmm!)
Bedside Table:  JoHaDeZ - Bedside Table "Mali" (Home Show)
Candle:  Kuro - Little Flame (TGGS)

Hat:  Urban Wealth - Bucket Hat
Tee:  Leri Miles Designs - Your back
Shorts:  Leri Miles Designs - Long Shorts - Brown
Pose:  elephante poses - Brohammer 5
Bedside Table:  JoHaDeZ - Beside Table "Mali" (Home Show)

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