The Challenge - Garden - Part 3


Yes, I know...I got excited and posted Part 2 and 3 close together.  So, sue me! (No, don't.  I have no money.)

This will be my last post for The Challenge this month and for some reason that saddens me.  This round of The Challenge has been so good that I have had a blast doing the pics and writing the blurbs.  It has been an easy task because of the quality of what I had to work with.  That is a blogger's dream!

I am looking forward to next month's theme which is BLACK AND WHITE.  Can't wait to see what the designers come up with!

However....we still have this month to finish to onward...

Kuro - Laurie Shed - I am loving this shed.  I think I could actually live in it.  It is a great size and has plenty of room for putting your gardening bits and bobs, or for setting up with plants etc.  I am not letting any of my guy friends near this because I can just see them claiming it as a 'man shed'.  Not happening.

I decided to make it a getaway, and added some art from Whiskey Monday.  The pieces are aptly named Fairy Garden and Forest Garden. Perfect for any wall.  Make sure you check out the gallery when you go to pick these up!

I also added this fabulous Gardening Table from Dysfunctional Designs.  It even has a couple of poses so you can pot some plants!  I love all the accessories on it.  So realistic looking, and with a gre rustic feel.

 Enough gardening type working.  I am sooo not a green thumb.  Time for a bit of fun and this clothesline from Studio Sidhe is just the thing to have you smiling.  You can even grab a couple of friends and all swing together (no...not in that way...naughty).

And lastly, but by no means, leastly (it IS a I have this Charleston Garden Set from .:UR:..  These pieces are full perm mesh and just needs some texturing and detailing (or whatever all the clever fiddly stuff is that designers do.  I call it magic.).  Imagine this with that all done and the animations sorted in the sunbed.  This will be the pièce de résistance in your garden!

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