Have had a busy day, but achieved nothing much.  I wonder who else has those days.  Hoping it is not just me, cos misery loves company.

When I get in this mood I tend to change things.  I was even eyeing up the blog and thinking it needed a spruce up.  To combat this craziness I decided to go exploring and I found this cool sim and decided to do some pics.

The sim is called Hazardous and has tons of great places to wander and take photos.  There are pose items about the place, so make sure you keep an eye out.

Outfit:  .:Damned Dolls:. - Phoebe Outfit (The Thrift Shop)
Hair: D!va - Vivienne
Shoes:  G Field - Ribbon Slingback Shoes
Shape and Skin: Tuli. - Sara 

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