The see me mowin' my front lawn
I know they're thinking I'm so white and nerdy

I was standing in my back yard and realised that I had really let the lawn go.  It was looking very lush and tropical. For a while it was fun because I pretended I had been shrunk, but as no giant ants came along and there were no empty soda cans to hide in, it got a bit dull.

It was then I knew it was mowin' time.

Time to grab some casual clothes, put on my goggles (safety first) and get to mowing.

Top and Shorts:  Somnia - Comic Tank - Kapow!, and Floozy Bandit Shorts - Denim (The Thrift Shop)
Goggles:  22769 - The Engineer Black/Blue (L'Accessories)
Shoes:  :: Miss Canning :: - Divine Wedge Boots (New Release)
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Kelly Mesh Hair
Mower:  PlayWerks - Push It - Wearable Lawnmower

Top and Shorts: [DandelionWine] - Keep Calm Mesh Top and Shorts (New Release)

PS:  I gave up after 5 minutes.  Mowing is hard work...oh, and since this is SL I just changed the grass...

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