No Girls Allowed


Riley seems to have moved in.  He has taken over this space and made himself quite at home.  He even brought a sign especially to hang on the wall.  RUDE!

I don't blame him though.  This area is awesome.  It is one of my favourite areas in the house.  Sadly, I may never be able to use it again.  I was thinking of setting up a girl's area for me but, sadly, I would have it pretty much the same as this one since I am a tomboy at heart.

I will keep you posted on the eviction.  Might have to get a dog...

*Y's Houses* - ID Locker Desk Set
22769 [bauwerk] - Deck's Chair
Trompe Loeil - Framed Art Gray Subway
Pilot - Pipe Shelf
{what next} - Norwegian Wood Guitar, Laptop and Rows of Books (on shelf)
[ba] - Stack of Books
End of Daze - Air Conditioner
Kaerri - Esplanade Table Plant
Arya Made It - Zombie Poster

*Y's Houses* - ID Locker Desk Set
End of Daze - Air ConditionerSet
Second Spaces - Messy Bookshelf
Pilot - Murrow Table
L'aize Dayz - Hot Coffee Mug
Designer Prims - Messy Stack of Books 

Kuro - Jared Couch
Creations Kitchen - Takeout Boxes and Soda Cans
22769 [bauwerk] - Vintage Soda Machine and Magazines
{what next} - Camden Bicycle, Camera and Surfboard Prop
Trompe Loeil - Industrial Coffee Table
Arya Made It - Zombie Poster

Trompe Loeil - Modern Villa (Collabor88)
22769 [bauwerk] - Fluffy Rug Revolution
Meth McSteel - No Girls Allowed Sign

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