Rockin' and Chillin'

Felt like a nice day in SL to hang out and listen to some music while I do some pics for this post.  I had a wander around SL this morning and found some cool group gifts.  I had a bit of a clean-out of my groups and got rid of ones that don't exist any more or I haven't heard from in months.  Was time to find some new ones.

Pose Prop:  Glitterati - Vocal (on MP)
Hair:  Magika - Visit

Big thanks to my neighbours for letting me trespass on their land to do these pics, and also to my DJ for today, DJ Baarney.  Hehe.

{PopTart} - Chibi Angel Top - Pink and Skinny Leggings - Drip White (New Release)

Top:  Coco Designs- Cropped Tank Top (Group Gift)
Jeans:  {PopTart} - Skinny Leggings - Drip Dark
Boots:  Coco Designs - Belted Ankle Boots (Group Gift)

[SAKIDE] - Lea Outfit - Beige and Rose (She & Him)

[SAKIDE] - Sea Shell Top (Perfect Wardrobe)

Top:  S@BBiA - Sleeveless Blouse (Group Gift)
Jeans:  {PopTart} - Skinny Leggings - Bleached Denim
Shoes:  S@BBiA - Platform Sneaker - Star (Group Gift)


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