The Challenge is ready to start again and this month's theme is...

Teenage Years

That means we need to get our teen on and show you what our clever designers have come up with this time. Over the next few days you will get to see their amazing creations, but because I get to be a teenager I can just say, "Whatever..."

Remember, though, that The Challenge doesn't officially start until the 1st of September so don't go racing about too early!

~Inspired~ - Bunk and Desk Set - Girls (TC)
!! Follow US !! - Teen Girl Shelf (TC)
{what next} - Greenwich and Hermosa Rugs, Huntington Bicycle
Botanical - Concrete UFO with Moss Alien (The Garden)
[SAKIDE] - Denim Stars Capris (New Release)
Somnia - Comic Tank - Bang (Thrift Shop)
Tameless - Rayne Hair (New Release)
[AsYLUM] - Unhinged Uptowns Vintage Comic Sneaks

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