Riley had decided he needs a holiday.  I am not sure what from.  After all, why would one need a vacation from shopping and loitering?  *Shrug*

Anyway, I told him I had the perfect holiday idea...

22769 [bauwerk] - Boy Scout Camp (The Challenge)

Riley was not so happy with the outdoors idea.  His idea of camping is a mini-fridge and a 5 Star Hotel.  He was also not amused when I told him that the photo of him standing looking serenely out over the lake looked more like he was peeing. *Giggle*

Anyway, Riley decided my house was more to his vacay liking and moved some of his stuff in.  I have decided to go camping.

22769 [bauwerk] - Globetrotter Set (The Neighbourhood - only one day even on Sat so don't much about!)


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