I love SL.  One of the many reasons is because in SL you can be whoever or whatever you want to be.  Today I am a fairy.  That means I can don wings and be all pretty!  Yuss!

It all started when I logged on and saw this Peasant Dress from Miel for Fifty Linden Friday. I had bought the Sarah hair from Wasabi Pills at faMESHed a couple of days ago and knew they would make a great team.  It was even better when I found this tattoo called Fairy Princess from Tenjin at Acid Lily.

The wings I got when I attempted the Taste the Rainbow hunt last week.  I say attempted because I didn't manage to find much.  I am hunt rusty.  I was glad I found these stunning Titania Fairy Wings at Deviance though. Hunt Website

My shape and skin are Lania from Panda Punx and I am loving them.  You can fall in love with them too when you go and grab them at Stuff in Stock.

Lastly, and never leastly (hehe) of the new items, is this amazing new release jewellery from Finesmith Designs.  The set is called Shiraz and comes, as always in different and fabulous coloured jewels.  The stone I am wearing is Rosequartz.

My shoes are from Miamai and are from my inventory.  They are called Miranda Rose.


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