Work and Play


Some days in SL I am all about the work.  I sort through items, go and look at events, shop, talk to designers, search for places to take photos, do the photos and then edit and put a blog post together.  I wish I could say it is always sunshine and fun, but some days it is hard work.

Still, even on the hard days, I love it.  I know I need to take more time to just chill and enjoy this SL world we live in, and I am trying to do just that.

Today was potentially going to be one of the hard days, but then, when I saw what I had to blog, it turned into some fun.  You will see why...

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Anais
Dress:  Glitterati by Sapphire - Rima Dress - Floral
Sneakers:  DECO - Classic Sneaks - Black
Bracelet:  Miel - Chum Bracelet

L'aize Dayz - Vanity - Wood (New Release)

{what next} - Golf Cart Gacha (The Arcade September - Preview)

L'aize Dayz - Blogger's Set - Wood (New Release)
{what next} - Hermosa Rug (New Release)

L'aize Dayz - Pool/Dock Cushions (Group Gift)

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