In the Attic

In Aryaland we don't really build houses with attics.  Growing up, I had one friend who had a house with an attic.  Actually it was 4 attics joined together by a sort of passageway.  For those of you who are CS Lewis fans like I am, you will know what I was imagining when we played there.

In SL I have a favourite attic.  It is My Attic @ The Deck and the theme this time is Flowers in My Attic.  Nice!  This photo box is from W.Winx and is also called Flowers in My Attic and has some fab poses for you and your friends to take pics in.

My hair is also at My Attic and is from MINA Hair.

I decided to take pics too, of some great fashion items!

Outfit and Boots:  FireBird Designs - Studded Dungarees (Fashion Story Fair)
Skin and Shape - Panda Punx - Verity Shape and Verity Skin - Sunkissed (Autumn Market Fair)

Skirt and Tee:  Luckie - TAE Skirt and Top (The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Sweater:  1 Hundred - Smexy Sweater (TAE Hunt)

Tunic:  *LOULOU&CO* - Tunic - Amanita (TAE Hunt)

Hoodie:  Forever Young - Fall Hoodie (TAE Hunt)
Shorts:  American Bazaar - Boy Short - Orange


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