Sad in the Kitchen

I had set up this amazing new Country Kitchen from L'aize Dayz to do the photos when I found out that this fabulous store, one of my favourite in SL, is closing.  I was so disappointed.  It seems like so many of the stores I love have gone and this is just one more in a long line.

The thing I have always loved about LD was the affordability of the furniture.  Heavenly, the owner and designer, said she started the store to create quality affordable furniture and she has always done just that.  I know my SL decorating will not be the same without the wonderful items that Heavenly has consistently brought out for us to enjoy.

For those of you who have not been to L'aize Dayz before, or in a while, take this time til Sunday to head over and take advantage of the super sale before this store closes.  You will see what I mean by quality and I hope you all walk away with a little piece of this store for your SL homes.

These photos are taken inside my new house from Cozy Homes.  I will be showing it off very soon.  It is called the Beach Cottage and I am loving it.

The pantry in photo 2 on the left hand side of the pic is from Second Spaces and is the Rustic Pantry.

NB:  My avi is short.  She always has been.  This kitchen is for normal-sized avis, which is why I look little!  Hehe.


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