We'll be Countin' Stars

I've been looking forward to this round of The Mens Dept., since being back to blogging.
Excited because I finally upgraded my computer and wanted see the creators' items at their full potential.
Definitely impressed with what I saw. I feel like I've been walking through Second Life with one eye open, but now I can see! 

What I'm Wearing

Hair: Atro Patena @TMD-Neil_Black
Shirt: AppleMayDesigns@ TMD- Plaid Unbuttoned Shirt -Sky
Shorts: [ BarmaleY ] @ TMD - Pants_Karlo_Black
(Belt and Suspenders bough separate, but also at TMD)
BackPack: Kal Rau - Urban Back Pack
Bracelet: 22769 - Leather Bracelet 
Skin: Belleza- Eric


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