I am uber excited at the moment because the Depraved Nation Body Modification Expo has just started and you are going to faint when you see the goodies on offer.  Do NOT think this is like every other event, because it is far from it.  This is awesome!

You will not find dresses and pants here, but what you will find is the most amazing things to jushe up your avi!  At this event you will peruse shapes, skins, eyes, shoes, hair, tattoos, jewellery, hats and headwear, bags, makeup, poses and much, much more!

The trouble I had today was not 'what shall I blog?' but 'where do I start?' because there is so much and it is all soooo good.

I think I crammed quite a few items into this one post, so let's see how many we have shall we?

Shape:  {HoStyle Shapes} - Erica
Skin, Eyeliner and Mesh Hands:  [IREN] - Lucy - Fair
Hair:  Adoness - Philippis Hair - Pitch Black
Tattoo:  [IREN] - Les Fleurs du Mal
Earrings:  Grumble - Black Hoop Earrings - Spiderweb
Collar:  !blah - My Nekomata Collar - Black/Red
Bag:  {Urban Wealth} - Mesh Duffle Bag - Camo
Sneakers:  Ducknipple - Purdy Knee High Sneakers
Poses:  [ pose+ivity ] - Hannah Poses and Rockn Poses (Mixture)

NOT in Expo:
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - M16 Dress - Green (The Boobies Show Birthday)
Gun:  Abranimations - Equalizer Gun


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