Girl Vs Wild

Ok, I am no Bear Grylls, but the fact that I am even camping even virtually is HUGE for me.  Camping and I have a healthy disdain for one another.  I don't quite get the lure of it.  It seems to take so long to sort then you go and live like cavemen for a week, with cooking etc still needing to be done, but with less facilities, and then you go home and have to clean all the gear.  My idea of camping is heading off to a hotel, eating out and having a massage.

Still, Arya is out braving the elements all in the name of showing you this fab Pine Ridge Camping set from {what next} that is currently at The Garden.  If you haven't gone to have a look at all the amazing items there, then you are seriously missing out!

NB:  Items are from The Body Modification Expo unless otherwise stated:

Hair:  Tameless - Danika - Naturals (New Release)
Shirt and Jeans:  Callyscloset - Sara Sweater and SO Jeans Camo (New Release)
Shape:  ::Pixel Inc:: - Bianca
Skin:  Mirror's Enigma - Stella Peach Skintone
Shoes:  .::  deeR  ::. - Mesh Squad Shoes


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