And Now for the News


I got these fab items to blog and when I saw them I thought of those poor news people who end up doing interviews or news items in atrocious weather.  I tried to find a stormy area in SL but couldn't seem to find anything that looked nearly as bad as what they generally have to try and stand in, so I just went with cold.  I am not sure what I am reporting on.  Perhaps it is the new snow...

Speaking of new...

The coat and boots are both from Miss Canning.  I am wearing the Studded Trench Coat in Blue and the Gwen Wedge Boots also in blue.  You can wear the coat like I have or add the awesome studs which cover the arms for a more funky look.

My hair is from IrEn and is called Thrift Shop since that is where you can find it!

My microphone with animations comes from Reek and I love annoying my friends with this while they talk!  They get sick of me 'interviewing' them!  Sadly this store is lost to SL.

My skin and shape are both from Panda Punx.

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