After the past few days of Halloween items, I decided to take a break and chillax for a bit.  For those of you not in the know, 'chillax' is a combo of 'chill' and 'relax' and perfectly describes how I feel today doing these photos.

I am also excited to introduce a new store in these days of closures.  The store is called Shutter Field and is predominantly for your outdoor and landscaping needs.  The sim is so cool and worth a visit!

The Mesh Hay Bale Set is from Shutter Field, as are both Boots with Flowers (double and single).  There are loads of great sits in this set for you and a friend/special other.

The Cropped Sweater and Layered Skirt I am styling today are both from Leri Miles Designs and will be a hunt prize in The Dirty Turkey Hunt which starts on the 1st of Nov.  I will show you a few more of the fab items you can nab in the next few days.

My eyes are a freebie from Poetic Colors and are called Jaded Eyes - Autumn Song.  I hope they are still a gift so you can grab them before they go.  Lovely brown for Fall.

My hair is a new item from Tameless.  It is called Dahlia and I am wearing Naturals.  It is a lovely style and comes with the option of going over any boob add-ons.

Lastly, my shape and skin are from Panda Punx.  I am wearing Kamila (Wicked), but I am wearing a lipgloss from Tuli called Sheer Toffee to go with my brown ensemble.

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