Dixie Chick

Sometimes it is nice to dress up in SL and other days I just like to relax and keep it casual.  That is why it is great to have events in SL that celebrate this variety.  Today I enjoyed slipping on some denim and hanging out.

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair has started and you will find all things rockabilly in style.  I love that 50's look!  For all of you who like a bit of bluegrass in your rock, then you are going to LOVE this event too!

Outfit:  Leri Miles Designs - Dixie Top and Capris (RFF)
Sneakers:  S@BBiA - Platform Sneakers (Arya's Inventory)
Hair:  Exile - Bring It On (Arya's Inventory)
Truck:  Michigan's Shack - Wrecked Truck


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