Heading for Java

One of my fav places to visit in SL is The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse.  It is somewhere I would definitely hang out in RL!  Mainly cos I am a coffee addict.

I saw a fab quote yesterday that said, "After I drink coffee I like to show the empty cup to the IT guy to tell him I have successfully installed Java.  He hates me."  LOVE it.  I install Java daily!

I also love these fab items from The Thrift Shop.  The dress is from [LIV-Glam] and is called Linger.  Great colours to choose from too.

The hair is from [IrEn] and is aptly called Thrift Shop.  It is definitely a style you can dress up or down.  I chose to glam it up.

The poses are also from The Thrift Shop and are from Juxtapose from a set called Gone Girl.  Fab for those selfies we love to take in SL!

Right, coffee calls so see you tomorrow!


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