Found this outfit and love it so much.  Have been wearing it and creeping about SL.  SUCH fun!  Also decided that it was the perfect garb for a felony.  Snuck into my friend's house for a bit of Grinchy fun.  She won't mind me taking all her pressies, surely?  Her own fault for being so organised.  Bah humbug!

Outfit:  The Little Bat - Kitty Hoodie - Green and Black Leggings (The Thrift Shop)
Necklace:  The Little Bat - Bottlecap Necklace - Grimm Love (The Thrift Shop)
Earrings:  Bokeh - Victory Earrings Silver/Silver (Acid Lily)

Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Hartlyn Shape and Skin - Coffee (Pure Sales Room)

Boots:  [SAKIDE] - Leather Army Boots

You never saw me here...right?

The Kitty Burglar strikes again....Mrrrooowwwwwr!!!

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