I know Arya is normally a blonde, but today she is a fiery redhead to go with the dress and chair!

Both the chair and the gown are from Immerse and I am excited to tell you that Immerse has now reopened with a new store for clothes and furniture.

The gown is Belladonna in Autumn.  It is currently available at Designer Showcase and is a must have for your Fall wardrobe.

The chair is the Autumn Meadows Chair in Red.  They are also available in Blue, Green and Tan.  You will be able to grab these in-store on Sunday as part of Lazy Sunday.

 This amazing hair from Tameless really lent itself to this red look too.  The hair is a new release and is called Farrah.  I am wearing it in Naturals.

The skin is from Panda Punx.  It is called Bree and is in the Caramel tone. It is the gift for The Dirty Turkey Hunt, so make sure you go find it!

Also in TDTH is these poses from {M+}.  They are from a set called Magdelena.  Very cool.

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