Snow Man


I made Riley come out of hiding and stand in the cold snow for ages while I took pics.  I made it take longer than necessary of course...

He was a bit miffed with me cos I told him he would be taking photos with some hot birds.  I didn't lie.  They are birds and they look hot because they are red.  Ok, so a bit of poetic license was used.  I went all Hollywood on him.

Jacket:  dirty.little.secret - Men's Black Plaid Jacket with Hoodie (Black Event)
Jeans:  Citrus - Men's Jean - Blue (The Thrift Shop)
Shoes:  Citrus - Men's Canvas Shoe (The Thrift Shop)
Glasses:  Kumaki Glasses - Sofian Mesh Sunglasses (Riley's Inventory)
Hat and Hair:  Amacci - Marc (Riley's Inventory)

Pose Box:  W.Winx/Flair - BICO - Snow Cardinals (My Attic @ The Deck)

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