I just had to point out the date today, like you didn't already know.  In Aryaland we do the date a tad different than some of you.  We do day/month/year.  That makes the date very cool!  Anyway, it seemed like a fun day to dress up and celebrate.

My lovely neighbours have wintered up our sim, so I am celebrating that too.  I traipsed over to their place to take these pics.  Almost wished I could have made snow angels while I was there!

I am also celebrating the start of the FROST Fair.  It begins on the 13th of December.  Check out the poster at the bottom of this page!  So no LMs for that yet.  This is just a preview!

Gown, Veil and Head Jewel:  Kastle Rock Couture - Moonstone Gown, Head Veil and Jewel - Ice Blue (Frost Fair Exclusive)

Jewellery: Diamante - Frosted Romance (Frost Fair)
Laurels:  R.i.s.k.e. - Oh My Goddess (Frost Fair)

Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Brooklyn (Frost Fair)
Eyes:  Poetic Colors - Christmas Tale (Free Gift)

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